Photo Gallery / Portfolio

Photo Gallery / Portfolio

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Features include:

  • Showcase your work with a photo gallery / portfolio.
  • Create multiple photo galleries to keep them organized.
  • Multiple images display as a slide show.
  • Include a description of each photo gallery.
  • Link to blog articles (optional)
Service Category: Web Application Modules

Showcase your work with a Photo Gallery

They say that a picture says a thousand words. Upload images of your work, and then add them to slideshows in your photo gallery. This will help your customers easily find examples of your work that is relevant to what they are looking for.

Create Multiple Photo Galleries

Keep your photo gallery organized by creating more than one photo gallery, organized by subject.

Link Photo Galleries to Blog Articles (optional)

Do you have a blog article discussing one of your projects? Attach the blog article to a photo gallery and a link to the blog article will appear at the bottom of the photo gallery.

Slide Shows

When you attach more than one image to a photo gallery, they appear as a slide show. There is a pause button, and the ability to see the next and previous images within the slideshow.

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