Staff Members

Staff Members

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Features include:

  • Create public profiles for key staff members.
  • Great for medical clinics, law offices, consultants, or for a corporate leadership team.
  • Include images of each staff member.
  • Display profession and specialty (or expertise).
  • Search by location if you have more than one location.
Service Category: Web Application Modules

Add an Unlimited Number of Staff Members

There is no limit to the number of staff members you can add. If your organization wants to include the profiles of hundreds of staff members, that is no problem.

Rename 'Staff' something else

If you don't want to call them 'Staff', you may easily change the label to something else, such as 'Providers', 'Physicians', 'Our Team', 'Leadership' - or anything else you want. The possibilities are endless.

Upload a Portrait

Upload a professional portrait for each staff member so your website's visitors can visualize the person that they are reading about.

Staff Member Search

Site visitors will be able to search for staff members by profession, specialty, country, region/state, and city.

Affiliated Hospitals

If your organization is a medical group, you can attach your staff members to hospitals where they work.

Detailed Profile Pages

Build credibility by including some or all of the following information on each staff member's profile page: Biography, Professions, Specialties, Locations, Hospital Affiliations, Education/Training, Certification, and Professional Membership. You may also attach them to locations if you are using our locations feature.

Appointment Scheduling Links

You have the option of including links to an appointment scheduling website or providing a phone number for appointment requests.

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