Web Application Platform

Web Application Platform

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Features include:

  • Take your business to the next level with a Web Application
  • No-code Interface - as easy to create/manage as a social media page.
  • User-friendly, Google inspired design
  • Includes Custom Homepage
  • Includes Customized 'About Us' Page (Optional)
  • Includes Customized 'Contact Us' Page (Optional)
  • Includes other Custom Pages (optional)
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • The smallest businesses can now afford technology that previously only large organizations could afford.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
Service Category: Web Application Modules

No-code Interface

Manage your web application without having to know how to code. Our super-easy, user-friendly interface lets you change/update your web application at any time without the need to hire a web developer/computer programmer.

Google Inspired Design

Your web application is built to be intuitive and user-friendly by applying Google's best practices, design guidelines, and principles (Material Design).

Beatiful Responsive Design

According to Google, 53% of Internet traffic is on mobile devices. It is more important than ever that your online presence looks great on all of your visitor's devices. Web applications built using Digital Architect look great on phones, tablets, and desktops. No compromise necessary.

Honor your Brand

Consistency is important when building brand familiarity. Web applications built with Digital Architect helps by proudly displaying your logo and images, matching your brand, and reinforcing your color pallet.

Custom Domain Name Support

Intimidated? Don't be. Pointing your custom domain name to your new Digital Architect web application is a breeze, and we're here to help. Partnering with Digital Architect means there is never any fee for supporting your custom domain name(s).

Customized 'Contact Us' Page (Optional)

We provide you with a customized 'contact us' form. You have the option if displaying alternative ways customers can contact you. When someone does fill out the form, you get to choose who receives the notifications. We also keep a log of every time the form is filled out for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Your web application is architecturally ready to be shared with search engines, including markup using guidelines provided by schema.org. This markup helps search engines better understand your web application and its contents.

Social Media Links

Connect your web application to your social media accounts for: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Twitter, and Yelp.

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