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Features include:

  • List service features.
  • Add service images (if applicable)
  • Add service details
  • Attach documents to your services, such as PDF files.
  • Have customers review your services.
  • Have customers ask questions about your products.
Service Category: Web Application Modules

Features List

Create a bullet list of the features of your service. Research shows that people don't read paragraphs, so displaying your information in easy to read bullets increases the probability that they will be read.

Upload Service Images

Upload an unlimited number of service images. The first image is displayed when the page loads, but there is a collection of image thumbnails below the image to let your customers see other images by clicking on them. The service images are displayed in a similar way as they are displayed on websites like Amazon, to create a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Service Details

Service details let you create small consumable service details at the bottom of your service page. Not everyone wants to dig into the details of every service. By placing them at the bottom of the page, they are easily accessible while not distracting from the key features at the top of the page.

Attach Documents

Attach documents to your services, such as technical sheets. If documents are added to a service, they will appear as a tab option at the bottom of the page. If documents are not added, the tab disappears.

Have Customers Review Your Services

Research shows that reviews provide social validation and improve the probability of people purchasing your services. Reviews and ratings also help improve your search engine optimization.

Customer Questions

Let customers ask questions about your service, and post them publicly. Chances are other customers who have the same questions. This gives you an opportunity to overcome objections and provide details that you would otherwise probably not know about.

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