Event Calendar

Event Calendar

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Features include:

  • Create an Event Calendar to let the world know about your events.
  • Tie events to locations, with Google Maps Integration.
  • Set dress code for events.
  • Upload event images.
  • Set RSVP status if space is limited.
  • Create 'Featured Events' that get more attention.
  • Indicate who is invited.
Service Category: Web Application Modules

Event Calendar

Create a customized event calendar for your organization’s important events.

Google Maps Integration

Each event page can be integrated with Google Maps so that attendees can find your location easily, and have a link for directions to your event.

Who’s Invited?

Create custom invitation settings, such as is an event open to the public, members-only, or invitation only.

Dress Code

Include the dress code for your events, so attendees dress appropriately.

Promote Your Events

Events that are open to the public have schema built into the page to tell Google and other search engines about your event description, time, and locations to attract more attendees.

Event Schema

Your events have hidden code built into the page that tells search engines like Google the details of your event to help drive awareness of your event.

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